New interdisciplinary publications on energy use and energy demand

For five years, the research councils in the UK ran in an innovative research program focused on energy use and energy demand. This program supported six interdisciplinary centres

They set themselves the arduous task of trying to synthesize across projects, case studies and data some high-level, crosscutting findings. The below publications came out of this effort:

  • Sovacool, BK, B Turnheim, M Martiskainen, D Brown and Paula Kivimaa.  “Guides or gatekeepers? Incumbent-oriented transition intermediaries in a low-carbon era,” Energy Research & Social Science 66 (August, 2020), 101490, pp. 1-17, available fully open access at
  • Sovacool, BK, N Bergman, D Hopkins, KEH Jenkins, S Hielscher, A Goldthau, and B Brossmann.  “Imagining our sustainable energy future: Valence, temporality, and radicalism in the visions surrounding seven low-carbon innovations,” Social Studies of Science 50(4) (Winter, 2020), pp. 642–679, available fully open access at

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