Why the World Needs Anthropologists: Powering the Planet – 28-29 October 2017. Durham, UK

Why the World Needs Anthropologists: Powering the Planet

28-29 October 2017. Durham, UK

The fifth edition of the annual symposium “Why the World Needs Anthropologists” will take place this year in Durham, 28-29 October. The event will explore how energy professionals and anthropologists can cooperate to design and deploy energy innovations that alter the world for the better. Energy is an indispensable part of our domestic and working lives. We thus need to develop smart and sustainable energy systems that are environmentally responsible and people-friendly.

Be inspired by top speakers.

Improve your skills during thematic workshops.

Visit exhibition stands at the Energy Hotspot and meet new people.


Keynote speakers:

  • BENJ SYKES (UK Country Manager and Head of Programme Asset Management in DONG Energy’s Offshore Wind Power)
  • TANJA WINTHER (Associate Professor at Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo)
  • SOPHIE BOULY DE LESDAIN (Expert Researcher at Electricité de France (EDF))
  • VERONICA STRANG (Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University)


Registration for this free event will open on 1 September 2017. However, you can subscribe now at www.applied-anthropology.com and follow updates also on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/1292845360803687


During the day, our co-organisers, sponsors and partners will present at the Energy Hotspot. Do not miss the opportunity to mingle with enthusiasts from all sorts of different domains in academia, energy industry and non-for-profit sector.


Accounting for Energy (Energethics)
The roles of corporations in aiming for a sustainable future, and how anthropological insights help asking the right questions.

Ethno-Engineering (LCEDN)
How to work appropriately with technical practice innovations in culturing skills for renewable energy.

Insightful Jobs (ASA Apply)
Demonstrating the Value of Reflexive Thinking.

Mining History (Durham Energy Institute)
A walking tour of Durham featuring its hidden history as the centre of what was once the largest coalfield in England.


PAST EVENTS – Why the world needs anthropologists
TartuWhy the world needs anthropologists 2016: Humanise IT!
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Keynote speakers: Sten Tamkivi (Teleport), Dimitris Dalakoglou (VU Amsterdam), Melissa Cefkin (Nissan), and Daniel Miller (UCL)


Why the world needs anthropologists III: Burning issues of our hot planet Why the world needs anthropologists 2015: Burning issues of our hot planet
27 November 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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WhyII Why the world needs anthropologists 2014: Coming out of the ivory tower
5 December 2014, Padua, Italy
Keynote speakers: Antonio Luigi Palmisano (University of Salento), Rikke Ulk (Antropologerne), Michele Visciòla (Experientia)


Why the world needs anthropologists IWhy the world needs anthropologists 2013: New fields for applied anthropology in Europe
29 November 2013, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Keynote speakers: Anna Kirah (Making Waves), Jitske Kramer (HumanDimensions), Simon Roberts (Stripe Partners)


More info : https://www.easaonline.org/networks/app_anth/events.shtml#


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