Weekly Update – May 25th

Weekly Energy News Update

May 25th

I can’t help myself. This week’s update must begin with an article that to me just screams “USA Energy Culture”. What happens when a San Diego solar power retailer teams up with a marketing agency: Solar Cribs. This show is just oozing with West Coast upper class social capital. If that’s your thing, enjoy! ;-p
Youtube Channel Series “Solar Cribs” Launched by SunPower by Stellar Solar (EnergyTrend)
If you really want to watch episode 1, see if you can count the number of times these homeowners say the phrase “partner with nature”…


Emerging economies take lead on going green, but investment needed (Reuters)

China says will eventually allow private companies to invest in oil storage (Reuters)

Forecast for EU carbon prices in next decade put Paris target in doubt (Reuters)

Should OPEC worry about contango and backwardation? (Reuters)

I wanted to share this article to introduce this vocabulary of “contango” and “backwardation“. The latter was discussed very briefly in Arjun Appadurai’s most recent book Banking on Words: The Failure of Language in the Age of Derivative Finance




Kurdish independence in Iraq likely ‘not if but when’: U.S. general (Reuters)

Iowa senator slams energy chief for grid study undermining wind energy (Reuters)

Tunisia forces fire tear gas in showdown with protesters after energy sites shut (Reuters)

Swiss energy law aims to boost renewables, ban new nuclear plants (Reuters)

Brazil energy minister says he has no plan to resign amid crisis (Reuters)

Philippines, China play down Duterte’s talk of war in disputed sea (Reuters)
There were multiple corrections made after the release of this news, I assume at first no one really knew what to do after Duterte made his original statement.


It seems like the integration of blockchain technology into the energy market could be a very fruitful place for an anthropologist to study the future intersections of energy resources and economic exchange.

Enerchain: A Decentralized Market on the Blockchain for Energy Wholesalers (IEEE)

Qualcomm Demonstrates Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging (EnergyTrend)




China coal imports from Russia, Australia rise in April after ban on N.Korea cargoes (Reuters)
This news comes despite various news reports that shipments from N. Korea are still entering Chinese ports. I have been wondering what quantity of the imports from North Korea were(are) anthracite that cannot be replaced (or at least not economically replaced).


Whitehall’s fracking science failure: shale gas really is worse for climate than coal (The Ecologist)




I wonder which conflict of interest, oh, I mean special consultant to the president, convinced him that this was a good idea.

Nigeria seen missing July target to buy cleaner fuel (Reuters)

Oil industry power is slithering away (Climate News Network)


Jordan’s Azraq becomes world first clean energy refugee camp (Reuters)
This is great, but I hope other needs within the camp are also being met.India to Overtake Japan as the World’s Third Largest Solar Market in 2017 (EnergyTrend)


Winds of change? Why offshore wind might be the next big thing (McKinsey)

Wind power has seen steady growth in India (IANS)

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