Photography exhibition – Through the Lens: Energy Access Stories of Solar Home System Users in Rwanda

Through the Lens: Energy Access Stories of Solar Home System Users in Rwanda.

A photography exhibition (by Iwona Bisaga (UCL))

This project aims to give voice to those relying on off-grid solar systems for electricity by engaging with end-users and households through a series of energy mapping discussions and participatory photography. 20 households have taken part, taking photos and sharing their stories of getting access to energy, energy needs and aspirations, and what energy access means to them, whether they live off the grid in remote, rural areas, or closer to the existing infrastructure.

There are very few ways in which rural communities’ voices on gaining access to basic services such as energy can be heard and this project allows to bridge that gap. Each photo tells a story and each story reveals a different aspect of energy access realities in a country where over 70% of the population still live off the grid.
Through the Lens builds on Iwona Bisaga’s PhD research focusing on the users of off-grid Solar Home Systems in Rwanda which she is conducting in collaboration with BBOXX. It has been funded by UCL Public Engagement Unit Beacon Bursary.

When? Opening night on May 5th at 6:30pm. Exhibition will stay open to public until June 3rd 2017.


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