Author: Nathalie Ortar

Making Post-Extractive Futures in Data- Saturated Worlds

There is a growing awareness across the world that in order to enable a sustainable future, extractive
industries and economies based on those industries need to be transformed. Accordingly, national
governments, transnational institutions as well as various experts and public initiatives are currently
negotiating scenarios for such transformations in trying to anticipate their social and environmental

Cfp: EASA 2020 conference

16th EASA Biennial ConferenceNew anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe 21-24 July 2020 in Lisbon ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon and ICS-Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon P020 At the grid edge: homes, neighbourhoods...

Assistant Professor, Durham University

We are seeking to appoint up to four Associate Professors in Social Anthropology. We are open to outstanding applications in any area of Social Anthropology. Our department has particular research strengths in energy and environment; expertise and knowledge; aesthetics and material culture; medicine and health; and political anthropology.

Energy Ethics 2020

***ENERGY ETHICS 2020*** St Andrews | 1-2 April 2020 | Art | Presentations| Panel Discussion How can we best balance our need for energy with our concern for climate change? Is there room for...

Cfp: Taking care of energy infrastructures

All energy sessions here C.7 Taking care of energy infrastructures Loloum, Tristan, Fürst, Moritz, Bovet, Alain (Université de Lausanne) The energy transition is often framed in terms of a technological challenge and an engineering problem, involving...

EAN call for panel

The Call for Panels for the 16th EASA Biennial Conference “New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe” has been launched. The EASA conference will be held from 21-24 July, 2020 at the ISCTE-Lisbon University...

Electrifying Anthropology

What kinds of expertise and knowledge relate to electricity, and where is the space for alternative voices? How can the new roles for electricity in social and cultural life be acknowledged? How can we speak about ‘it’ in its own right while acknowledging that electricity is not one thing?

SIAA Call for papers

Call for Papers for a panel on Smart City and Sustainability at the next SIAA (Italian Society for Applied Anthropology) annual meeting in Ferrara, Italy (12-14 December 2019). TITLE: City 3.0 is on its way:...

Les nouveaux territoires de l’énergie

Le secteur de l’énergie connaît depuis le début du XXè siècle de profonds bouleversements. Dans un contexte d’après pétrole et de méfiance vis-à-vis du nucléaire le basculement vers un nouveau mix énergétique fondé sur...

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