EASA 2018

15th EASA Biennial Conference – Stockholm 14-17 August 2018Energy in motion – First EAN panel
Convenors: Nathalie Ortar (ENTPE), Elisabeth Moolenaar (University of Bremen)
Discussant: Simone Abram (Durham University)

We are living in an era of rapid change in relation to energy generation, distribution and finance, yet we are also living with enduring effects of past energy activities. The earth is reeling from the effects of GHG associated with industrial energy-conversions, while the scope of energy-related infrastructure continues to grow. How can humans and non-humans live with the legacy of energy-actions? What kind of energy futures are becoming possible? Which energy-practices are settled, and which are here to stay? This first EASA panel of the Energy Anthropology Network invites contributors to address the ‘staying, moving, settling’ found in energy anthropologies, addressing legacies and futures of energy-related practices, beliefs, theories and governance.

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