EASA 2020

The history of EASA conferences started 30 years ago in Portugal, in Coimbra, with the conference ‘Anthropology and Europe’. EASA2020 celebrated the anniversary and deliberated the present, with a 1900-delegate, fully virtual conference New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe. Thanks to all who participated this year.

The network convened at EASA2020 and sponsored the panel “At the Grid Edge: Homes, Neighbourhoods and Energy Markets”. Further panels, such as “Mining the Energy Transition: Technology, Resource Chains, and Extractive Encounters”, “Energy production, environment, and human rights in the context of climate change” or “The political power of energy futures within and beyond Europe” stress the importance of energy research in anthropology, which is likely to increase further.

The network meeting at EASA was an opportunity to elect a new leadership for EAN. Following Nathalie Ortar and Simon Abram, who have been co-funding the network and leading it for the past 4 years, Katja Müller and Siddharth Sareen took over as new convenors. Elisabeth Moolenaar has been reelected as secretary.

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